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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prayers Needed!!

Good morning friends.  I haven't been socializing with my wonderful LSH group or crafting much in the past few days because my dear sweet daughter Hannah is having some health issues.  This time the trip to the doctor was for pains she was having in her middle back during an asthma attack.  Once the doctor saw that she had also lost a few too many pounds in the last 2 months, 10 pounds she really didn't want or need to lose, blood work and chest xrays were taken.  Those tests came back normal as far as the screening for her thyroid, kidneys, liver, and lungs.  However, we have recently discovered that Hannah's biological father has Multiple Sclerosis and is permanently on crutches.  When this family history was mentioned to the doctor, she has now referred us to a Neurologist to have MRIs done and possible spinal tap.

Hannah continues to go to school even though the long periods of standing (Cosmetology) and sitting in class causes her discomfort.  We need your prayers that Hannah's issues are minor and temporary.  Pray for healing and no signs of MS.  We are all very nervous, scared, and in need of the power of prayer. 

I will try to keep you all informed once we have more information.

God bless you all and your families!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jewelry Box Contest on LSH

Hello all my fellow crafters!  Sorry for the long break between posts!  I am EXTREMELY busy here, between full-time job, full-time mom/maid/chef/wife (and in that order!), swaps, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and etsy shop.....whew...I am finally finding time to post pics of my latest creation!  :o)

This is a contest hosted by our September Guest Designer on LSH, Erin R.  You can also find her at missmagoocreates as well as a youtube channel propsqueen81.

The contest is to create/decorate your own jewelry box.  You can embellish any box/jewelry box or make your own box and embellish.  Thanks to our wonderful Cynthialoowho, I created my jewelry box from her template and tutorial on UStream.

This is my first time to embellish/alter a box, much less to CREATE the box too!!!  It was quite a challenge for me.  I am not completely satisfied with the end result. My bathroom is brown and turquoise, so I matched the colors up perfectly to what I wanted.  Just don't think I did enough embellishing! I need more bling! As I was finishing up the box, several other box ideas came to mind.  So I will be creating many more boxes!!!  Making them for Christmas gifts! :o) 

Here are pics of what I came up with for the contest.  Enjoy!

God bless you all and your families!