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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monogram Tape!

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all are getting to enjoy a cup of coffee with me this morning!  I am just stopping in to say hello as I blog hop this morning!  So many crafters online with beautiful ideas, contests, and tutorials.  I am still learning, trying to figure out what project I want to post next, and working on getting my nerve up to make a video!!!  It is coming soon, please hang in there with me.  I am waiting on getting moved into a room instead of my little craft area in the kitchen. With 6, yes that is SIX, people in the house plus all the in and out of friends, there is NO WAY I can do this from my current "scrap area".  Anyway....

I have been seeing everyone with their packaging tape that has monogram on it!!!  I have looked at Michael's here, and even emptied the entire bin!  My kids were sooooo embarrassed!  I CANNOT FIND AN M!  If anyone knows where I can find an M pleeeeeaaaasssseee give me a shout out! I so have to have some!

Okay, I am off to hop and create!  I will be back later with pictures of my creations for the day!

God bless you all and your families!

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